There are three major questions in regards to your retail company’s point of sale system. These are:

Do you have to improve your POS system?

How can you discover the perfect POS solution for your requirements ?

Which are the steps to easily migrating to your new solution?

In the current article, we’ll be looking at that very first aspect — do you will need to upgrade? Many retailers are still using a legacy POS system which they introduced in the early phases of their business, which contributes to a lot of growing pains as stock, stores and marketing requires…

The client is always right has been a motto for retailers because as long as anyone can care to remember. In addition, it is possibly a tiring one to listen in the modern world, and its application might have actually reached its use-by date. However, it will speak to an important critique of the relationship between customers and retailers, and how significant it’s in keeping clients engaged.

As retailers become fully entrenched in 21st century advertising, finding that level of participation is essential. Firstly, keep customers coming back but to also attract new ones. …

The Cloud-Based Point of Sales (POS) Systems is the new innovation so far as the fiscal and the customer support element of any industry is worried. You may find it implemented where a intelligent solution is necessary, mostly in a crucial situation.

The benefits and attributes which The Cloud-Based Point of Sales (POS) Systems possesses are second to none. That why it’s some powerful following all around different businesses with made to order options and functionality that could be implemented in light of the needs.


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The Cloud-Based Point of Sales (POS) Systems are greatly deployed and under…

Point of sales (POS) systems have been the best possible solution for fiscal executions for the company managers in the retail markets across the world. It doesn’t matter where it is being used, either it’s a retail or restaurant business, it brought many advantages to the handlers with regard to the connectivity, accuracy, presentation, etc..

Together with its powerful tool and facilities and more investigating options, the point of sales (POS) systems have proved their value on the industry. With the evolving technologies, the point of sales systems also have gone to a different level, the cloud-based point of sales…

Retailers generally buy POS applications based on the salesperson they are handling. Too often, the POS software itself isn’t the significant element in the decision. This ignorance of the software itself often results in bad decisions and these terrible decisions often return and hurt the software business.

Here Are a Few Tips for selling POS applications for retailers:

Have the ideal sales team. Great IT companies attempt to counter merchant ignorance by using technically proficient sales people who concentrate on real business outcomes for the merchant.

Technically skilled sales people may show the way the POS software genuinely enables the…

The Canadian government has made it compulsory that all provinces convert to 1 taxation the HST.

This change is truly very good news or should be to company owners with cash register or POS systems because almost all cash registers and all POS systems made since the 1980’s have at least 1 tax. Meaning that no companies should want to purchase new equipment due to the shift to the HST. Unfortunately many companies will need help to modify their POS systems to the HST. Which generally means a technician will need to help with the shift normally a service call.

Christian James PayGo POS software is described as an advanced system that’s designed primarily for independent merchants. Requiring a MAC OS X 10.2 or higher operating system, this program retails for approximately $1,499.00. The program is designed to easily integrate with point of sale hardware, such as receipt printers, bar code printers, scanners, and cash drawers. Furthermore, the Business has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau on a scale of A+ to F. Overall, most business clients have enjoyed a nice relationship with the Christian James Company. Clients tend to particularly enjoy the fact that this program is…

Opening a new retail shop may appear daunting at first glance, but with an organized and systematic approach, you are able to successfully launch your company. Begin with the guidelines below.

Location, Location, Location

Selecting where to operate your retail shop is possibly the single most important element in making sure your business’ success. Select a place with high foot traffic that’s near non-competing retail shops that have their own continuous following of clientele. Find out more about the demographics in the region you’re considering to ascertain if they match the criteria of your intended customer. …

A couple of thoughts on picking a VAR — or Value Added Reseller to buy that new point of sale system.

If you’re going to be working with a local VAR, point of sale expert or POS system dealer, it behooves you to do exactly the exact due diligence you would before employing a doctor or lawyer. That’s to say, do your homework! The investment you make in your point of sale system might well run into the tens of thousands of dollars — not just in money, but in time setting it up, training, support and getting it moving…

Notwithstanding corporate cost cutting trends in the last few years, a growing number of companies in many different companies are investing in on site dining services for their workers, with a blend of construction new cafeteria facilities, hiring accomplished chefs, and implementing POS systems. The reasons for doing so vary as greatly as the food choices and menu choices provided, and range from increased productivity to employee recruitment, retention and improved quality of life.

In a deliberate attempt to entice workers to onsite dining, it is not unusual for companies to hire highly skilled chefs with culinary degrees and restaurant…


High-speed Point of Sale for Magento that helps capture in-store sales and synchronize data in real time with online stores for a complete omnichannel system

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